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 Living Wisely with the Church Fathers
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Hall, Christopher A.
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The first centuries of Christianity, despite their foreignness, hold a treasury of wisdom for living. Early Christians struggled and flourished in a culture much like ours today, in love with empire and military power, infatuated with sex and entertainment, tolerant of all gods but hostile to the One. Yet, from this crucible of discipleship they were able to extract lessons of virtue, faithfulness, and joy in Christ.
Christopher Hall takes us to this distant time, where he interviews Christian leaders around the ancient Mediterranean world, inquiring how to live a good life as a Christ follower. The menu of topics covers wealth and poverty, war and violence, marriage and sexuality, theater and the arena, as well as the harsh realities of persecution and martyrdom. Gathering around Basil or Chrysostom or Augustine, we are instructed anew in the way of discipleship. And as they grapple with issues surprisingly resonant with our own, this cloud of ancient witnesses both surprises and challenges us in the life of faith.


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